In which I finally present a new give-away

It has been a rather long while since the last give-away I received. Actually, the whole experiment hasn’t been as vibrant as I had imagined, but hey, that’s what experiments are for. Tor prove or disprove. In my case, the hypothesis of the thousand give-aways turning me into a rich man has been definitely disproven. Mainly because I give people angry looks when they approach me. Hell, someone could be trying to hand me 10,000 € in cash, and I’d never know. On the other hand, looking interested in each and everyone approaching me would probably turn me either into a homeless or a madman. Or quite possibly both.

Today I saw someone handing out something that looked like more than just a leaflet, so I paced my way just right so she could hand me one of those packages. And here it is:


Only when I unpacked it I noticed that it was microwave popcorn. I don’t own a microwave, and my anti-social tendencies have provided me with a rather low number of friends who do own one: zero.

In case you’re wondering. “Bob” is a new cell-phone company. Its claim to fame? Very cheap rates and a marketing budget the size of Albania’s GDP.