The Remains

Since I’m a bit uninspired today, I won’t even try to write something of interest. But, and I think that may be quite interesting in its own right, I’ve finally managed to properly get the Recent Links plugin to work, and I have to admit that it was all my fault that it took so long. So much so that I won’t go into detail here.
Well, the incarnation of this plugin can be seen in the sidebar, expressing the ephemeral quality of the Internet in its title “The Remains of the Day”. Now, whenever I don’t feel like writing much, I’m adding a link or two to that section. So, all you true fans out there, if you happen to stumble upon this site on one of those days, fret not, for you can always enjoy the links I have so carefully selected for thee. And for those people who happen to access my site via a feedreader, well, there’s a feed for “The Remains” as well. It’s right here. As you can see, I’ve got it all covered. Now go and check out these links. Or write a comment. I don’t really care which, just do something, will ya?