The Martini Chronicles Pt.15: The Graham Greene

Ever since cleaning up some of my posts on here, I've been thinking about my Martini Chronicles and whether I should add yet another update.

For those who aren't familiar with what they are: I used to not know the littlest thing about Martinis, until one day I decided to master the art of making the best of Martinis.

It took me a while, but after a few months, lots of vermouth and vastly more gin, I knew how to make Martinis and some of its best variants. Since then, I stopped updating the chronicles (even though I never stopped drinking the Martinis).

A few months ago, though, I learned of a new variation, named after the bard who penned much loved spy-novels: Graham Greene.

According to lore, he invented the cocktail while staying in Vietnam, on assignment as a correspondent for French periodical Paris Match. Apparently, much time was spent at the hotel bar. In its essence, it's a classic Dry Martini. Lots of gin, some Vermouth. To turn it into a Graham Greene, all you have to do is add a splash of Crème de Cassis.

The first time I tried my hand at a Graham Greene, it turned out I had no clear grasp on what constitutes a splash. It was a lesson I had to learn by drinking a very sweet Dry Martini (it wasn't the worst). I finally found the sweet spot, though, and what you see here is a, dare I say, rather good Graham Greene.

Try it yourself, but drink responsibly, 'cause nobody likes a surly drunk.