A few days in Munich, Part I

or how spending time visiting museums and drinking beer is time well spent.

You know what, I've just decided that this will be a multi-part  series about our visit to Munich a few days ago. Since I've grown  accustomed to writing smaller snippets as opposed to vast virtual tomes  of information, you'll find a few pictures in every instalment and  you'll most probably like it.

Day one: Weißwurschtfrühstück, or for those unfamiliar with this  composite: boiled sausage with herbs, for breakfast. Traditionally  accompanied by beer, or to be more precise, Weißbier.


You'll notice a pretzel in the background, a baked good that's wildly  popular across the world and while everyone claims they invented it,  nobody really knows who actually did it. The Bavarians perfected it,  though, that's for sure.

We didn't manage any museums on day one, because right afterwards we  had another beer, this time in huge one-liter mugs, at the venerable  Hofbräuhaus.


As is tradition, and tradition, you should never forget, is of utmost  importance in Bavaria, you have a dark beer at the Hofbräuhaus. It's a  good beer, so I'm all for this tradition.

Afterwards we had some more beer and some more food, etc.