London coverage - some

Here’s one funny anecdote from London: As I looked out the window of a pub in Carnaby Street, I saw the logo of a store called “Base London” (It’s that exact store. Praise the Internets. The red image is shot from almost the exact angle I saw the store from). It had something like an “O” in front of the name, and when I first looked at it, I thought it said “Obese London”. Incidentally, my sister thought the exact same thing. Now, neither one of us is obese, so obviously obesity is not something we associate with just about everything. I guess it’s simply a really bad logo. And I wonder why they haven’t changed it yet. Oh well, maybe it’s their marketing strategy.

Actually, an explanation has just come to my mind. It’s a shoe store, right? And I once heard that obese people really love shopping for shoes, because feet don’t tend to get fat. So if people associate the name of the store with obesity, they have to buy shoes in that store. Oh man, I’m a marketing genius.