Google Movie

Google yesterday introduced Google Movie, where it’s as easy as typing “movie:” and then any kind of information about the movie you have, to find out which movie it is or to see reviews and whatnot. Now, I like the International Movie Database in combination with Rotten Tomatoes, and in my eyes, these services do quite a good job, but let’s see how Google Movie performs. Maybe it’s another step to World Domination (has that phrase been copyrighted by Google yet?).

By the way, my girlfriend and I watched a movie called Envy two days ago. I thought it had funny parts, especially when Christopher Walken spoke with his strange accent. Turns out that on Rotten Tomatoes it had an average of 4% , and Cream of the Crop rating of 0%. That definitely was the worst rating for a movie I have ever watched. Which is strange though, because I remember watching a movie on TV featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar (Simply Irresistible), and it was the most tedious, boring, idiotic movie in the world. Strangely enough, on Rotten Tomatoes the ratings were average. Which is simply way off, and somehow I don’t know how to end this post. Oh, actually I do know how: Here are the Google Movie ratings for Envy and Simply Irresistible. And Envy still has a lower rating. Ach, screw them all.