Free market practices

I’ve been smokefree for about four and a half months now, and I’m quite happy with the situation. Sure, I’ve had to pick up exercising in order to keep my bodily expansion at bay, but I guess you can’t have it all, now can you?

Apparently the big tobacco companies are reading my blog, because during the last few weeks, most cigarette prices were reduced by about 50 €-cents per pack. And although that seems like a really nice gesture, it’s still not enough incentive for me to pick up the habit again. Still, congrats to all those people who still enjoy a smoke once in a while.

But as it happens with good things, bad things follow suit. In Austria, the government is now thinking about introducing a fixed minimum price for a pack of cigarettes. Why? Well, if the tobacco companies sell their cigarettes for less, the government can rake in less tax money. Which of course bums them out. If people really want to exercise their right to decide what’s good for them and what’s not, they might as well pay the price their government thinks is good for them.

On another note, I can’t exercise my right to go running today, because it’s still 10° Celsius below zero, meaning I’d turn my bronchial tubes into little ice tubes (get it? ice tubes). In the course of which I’d become Mr. Freeze, only without the ability to ice other people. And without the stupid accent.