On fields trips Pt. II

It’s the end of the semester, Professors are tired of doing the talking. It’s the perfect time for field trips, so here’s the second installment of my infamously cool field trip coverages. This time it was to the abbey of Zwettl, which has a library that is host to an impressive number of medieval manuscripts (among about 60000 other volumes of course).

The day was mainly used for a presentation marathon, which is less than agreeable if you had to get up at six in the morning, but we were rewarded with a short tour through the monastery and its library, in the course of which we also got to see a few of the medieval manuscripts. Which is quite impressive, considering that the oldest book I own is a German translation of Richard Brautigan’s “The Hawkline Monster”.

In the tradition of this website, namely adding pictures when words are failing, I’ve uploaded a bunch of pictures I took. Enjoy.

a phallic tower