Why buying a new cell phone was a bad idea

A few days ago, I bought a new mobile (of course in combination with a new contract, binding me to another network provider for another 12 months…so what), and was all happy about it. Well, I’ve realized that I’d be better off with a new pair of shoes. At least I’d use them every day, and I’m pretty sure my shoes would see a lot more traffic than my damn cellphone. Maybe it’s because I tend to have not more than two friends at any given time, and knowing that one of them would rather send me a letter via carrier pigeons than spend a cent or two using his cell-phone, it’s maybe not that much of surprise I don’t get that many calls. Well, who cares really. I’m now going to enjoy two movies and a nice dinner with my girlfriend, the stuff you should do on Saturday nights. Screw mobiles.