USA - The airline food

Well, let’s start the coverage of my short but fantastic USA vacation in earnest now. I already presented to you the bliss that was pretzel snacks, now here’s snack’s big brother, lunch:

the food
In all honesty, it was simply delicious. I seriously don’t know what people have with airline food. Sure, it’s all wrapped up in about one thousands little plastic bags, tin foil wraps and whatnot, but once you get past that, there’s nothing to spoil it. Of course, drinking water out of a plastic cup of which you have to rip off the lid first is a bit awkward to say the least. But considering the fact that I’ve just written a sentence which probably needed one or two more commas, I guess I shouldn’t complain. And yes, you are right, that has nothing to do with the funky water container at all, I just wanted to draw your attention away from my faulty grammar and obnoxious writing style.

Don’t forget to return for tomorrow’s installment featuring pictures of the probably coolest wedding location you’ve ever seen (ok, it should actually read “I have ever seen”, but that wouldn’t make you come back, right?).