USA - The wedding

Right, some of you may know it, some of you don’t, but the reason for my visit to the States was a wedding. Owing to my privacy manifesto (which in fact doesn’t exist per se, but if it did, it would basically say that I don’t publish pictures of myself or any other people who might not be so keen on appearing on some lame website), I can’t show you any of the festivities. But, I took a few pictures of the location, which was in downtown Kansas City. So, here’s one to wet your appetite, and due to performance reasons, the rest can be found after the jump:

the ceremony grounds
That’s where the ceremony was held later on. Ah, how I love non-church weddings.

The three pictures below are of the alley behind the building. I couldn’t get over how damn authentic that looks. After all, I’m from Europe, so seeing back-alleys with American cars is like walking straight into a movie. Featuring back-alleys and American cars.

the car

The alley - one side

a pole

Right, and finally, here’s a picture of an aluminum staircase and some funky green carpet. Which was inside the building. In case you hadn’t figured that out already.

funky green carpet