Ukraine election chaos - part 2

Since The Insider has made it into the mainstream Internet media already, I’ll quickly post his update on the situation now:
Candidate of the opposition, Juschtschenko, has called for a national strike, which has led the Austrian embassy to advise people to get out of the Ukraine sooner or later.
Although international statespeople have made sure to show their disagreement with the outcome of the election, it is important to note that there should be a focus on the proceedings instead of the outcome. When recounting the votes, it may well be that the result will be the same. But the question really is, how was that result made possible? Could the fact that polling stations closed at 5 pm instead of 8 pm have anything to do with it? Or vanishing ink from pens used at the polling stations? Or the fact that the independent channel 5 suddenly couldn’t broadcast in various regions of the Ukraine anymore, and is now facing a total shutdown? Or maybe the telephone-network in the metropolitan area of Odessa breaking down?

These are all things which have agitated the people, as well as the fact that the “official” winner of the election has been convicted of two crimes, one of which is rape. According to The Insider, it is not clear how big the national strike will become, but judging from the people’s willingness to fight for their rights, it may well become rather serious.