The North

My girlfriend and I spent the last week in Sweden, and since you’re an avid reader of this blog, you’ll have realized that I seem to go there often. Well, it’s a beautiful country and I get to see my sister, her husband and the two delightful Half-Swedes they produced. So that’s that.

I’m not yet in the physical condition to write long blog-posts, mainly due to what some of you might refer to as a cold, others as a reason to make people feel sorry for me. Any which way, I still want to update this very blog, only to prove that Twitter has not yet turned every blog into a wasteland of old musings longer than 140 characters.

So there, I’ll just post one of the numerous pictures I took, so you can admire my ability of using nice filters for my cell-phone camera while also wondering where that unlimited source of cockiness lies of which I make so ample use. Enjoy!