Publish or Perish!

Well, hello, dear and faithful readers. If you’re as avid a reader of this very weblog as I think you are, you might remember that I was the co-author of a fiction weblog turned solid, physical book a few years back. Which, by the way, is still available and great fun to read. So go ahead and buy that.

But here’s the thing. Horst, mastermind of that last project, has just released a new book. It’s called “Dinge, die ich vom Nachtfernsehen gelernt habe: Things I learned from watching TV after midnight” and features an assortment of images taken off of after-midnight TV, accompanied by texts. And apart from the fact that the images are quite captivating, there’s also a text of mine written especially for this volume. It features my ability to fall asleep during TV and is great fun to read. And it’s in German, proving that my German is almost as much fun to read as my English.

So please, do check it out and don’t hesitate to buy and spread the word to whomever you might know. I assure you, the more people have this book at home, the better this wretched world we live in will turn out to be.