Vienna - where grumpy people go to die

And there we are. In one gentle but swift move autumn has swooped in and replaced what we like to call summer. It’s not even September and people are already feeling properly dressed wearing scarfs, coats and whatnot. Well, I don’t mind. You see, I like me a weather which dictates not what I should remove from my body but rather what I should add to my body to keep me from freezing to death. It’s just so much more comfortable.

I think that’s why I like places like Sweden that much. Even in mid-August, there’s nothing wrong with wearing hooded sweaters and long trousers. And hell, the people are friendly too. Returning to Vienna after spending some time in Sweden is like returning to the place where people go after they’ve used up all their compassion, optimism and good humour. The best you can do in Vienna is getting a waiter who realizes how fucked up his performance of being a grumpy old asshole is and has to grin in the course of it.

Anyway, my intention is not to make you feel all gloomy so here’s another breathtaking picture to marvel at. Enjoy.