The Martini Chronicles Pt.10

And here we are, part ten of my, I dare say, infamous Martini Chronicles.

As with all anniversaries, something special and exciting was in order, and well, here it is:

The Martini Chronicles Pt.10

Yes, it’s the famous Bombay Sapphire Gin, recommended to me by Max in a comment to the very first installment. Now, since it was my first taste of Bombay Gin, I decided to prepare a classic 2:1 mix, for no other ingredient than Vermouth should diminish the sensation of this Gin of Gins. And while I can’t say I tasted each and every ingredient written out in detail on the Gin’s bottle, I did taste the difference to the rather cheap Gin I had used for all the previous Martinis.

And as proof that all that alcohol is not dulling our senses the slightest bit, my girlfriend noticed that the good people at the Bombay Sapphire Gin factory fucked up the spelling of their most important ingredient, right there on the bottle:
Uniper Berries

How’s that for fantastic?

Come back tomorrow when I’ll post the results of a revolutionary new chilling technique for our Martini glasses!