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Brined pork belly

Brined pork belly

To everyone who knows me a bit, the revelation that I'm partial to pork roasts will be no revelation at all. But, I adhere to a kind of roast that's unusual for Austria (or Germany, for that matter). I like my roast mostly with caraway, salt and garlic, massaged in

Grill pork like you've never grilled it before

Seems like there was a recommended temperature by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service for preparing pork (yeah, well, call me an ignoramus, but I always thought that’s some sort of consensus by cooks and stuff). And, according to HuffPo, it’s now

What I eat

Two reasons to write the following posting. First one is to tell you of that little service that’s tied to Twitter, FoodFeed. It lets you send messages to Twitter, detailing what you’re having. The result then looks like this. It’s fun while it lasts (which was about