What I eat

Two reasons to write the following posting. First one is to tell you of that little service that’s tied to Twitter, FoodFeed. It lets you send messages to Twitter, detailing what you’re having. The result then looks like this.
It’s fun while it lasts (which was about three days for me), and I guess when you’re really diligent, it’ll be sweet to see what you’ve had two years ago.

Reason number two is to show you that we are indeed ingesting things other than Martinis in copious amounts. So here, take pleasure in what we had the last days:


This was dinner two days ago. Tasty home-made fries, red vegetables and a big, ole steak.


The next day saw a breakfast of rice pudding with roasted almonds and raspberries. Quite the treat.

And yesterday we indulged in something even more delicate. Pork slowly cooked in a rhubarb-honey paste, then roasted and served with noodles, fresh peppers, coriander, cress and scallions. It was fantastic:

Pork (among other things)

Well, hope that’s proof enough that I haven’t yet switched to hard alcohol as my main calorie-provider.