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Sep 7, 2006

NC Pt.VII - The Cemetery

The American Cemetery near Omaha Beach is quite impressive. It’s a vast area, and every single piece of grass looks like it’s been manually trimmed. When we visited, the weather was

Aug 20, 2006

NC Pt.VI - Photo ops are timeless

Along the Normandy landing beaches are many memorials commemorating D-Day in 1944. In case you’re unfamiliar with the whole scenario, here’s the Wikipedia entry on Operation Overlord, as the Battle of

Aug 15, 2006

NC Pt.V - Beach houses

I’m getting more unimaginative by the second. Hence the headline. We spent quite some time driving along the coast of lower Normandy. We stopped at a few places to have a cup

Aug 8, 2006

NC Pt. IV - Beach House

Fed up yet? Yes, didn’t think so. We spent a considerable amount of our time inside the car, but we made sure we only went to the greatest of places. Since another

Aug 4, 2006

NC Pt.III - Les Andelys

After exactly 12 hours of travel, we had reached the Normandy. The first place we decided to look at was a town called Vernon. It turned out that the guide we were using

Aug 3, 2006

NC Pt.II - Le Schlucht

We decided to save money by taking country roads instead of the expensive French motorway and made our way through Alsace, the region in Eastern France that’s still populated by German-speaking people.

Aug 2, 2006

Normandy Chronicles Pt.1

I’m back. The vacation was wonderful, and because it only lasted a week, I will prolong the whole experience by posting photos of the trip on here for the next few days

Jul 22, 2006

Goodbye Austria, hello France

Today’s the day: We’re leaving for our one-week trip to the Normandy. There’s not a whole lot more to say than that I’m extremely excited to go on this