Sun is evil

It’s that time of the year again. No, I’m not talking about Christmas, because even I know that Christmas is over. I’m not talking about Easter either, although it’s at our doorstep. No, I’m talking about that time of the year when even the industrial-strength shades on my windows aren’t able to block all the sunshine that’s being spilled into Vienna, resulting on spots and streaks of bright light criss-crossing my monitor. This is bad on two accounts: One, because I can’t see anything on my monitor, causing me to either quit working on the computer or trying to cover up the parts of my window which are not covered by the shades. None of these options are realistic. The second thing is, that my sunny monitor reminds me of the fact that indeed there’s nice weather out there, and instead of spending my days in front of the computer, I should go out, soak up some sun and be a happy and content being. But that would involve leaving the apartment for no apparent reason, and as you all know, that is not an option. It’s a dilemma really, but only as long as there aren’t any clouds, and I think one has just come up. So let’s hope it’s all over soon.