Summer's coming

Alright, so the current semester is almost over, and then summer will be here. To be exact, it already is, but not that I would know. I sit at home, in front of my computer, doing stuff I don’t need to do, neglecting stuff I should do. The only thing that makes me realize that summer has come is the scorching heat bulding up in the apartment, making me wish for winter again. So, summer actually is nothing to me, except the prospect of working at a factory (which is not in Vienna but about 900 km away) for the most part of my vacation, and then returning to Vienna with a lot more money than before and the prospect of being able to live in an apartment with temperatures below 50° Celsius. I hope your summer will be as fun as mine,

Have a nice day

PS: Oh, and of course I’ll be able to use gmail, hahaha.
PPS: Actually, I’ll be having a white-collar job at the factory, so everything’s really not that bad.
PPPS: But my girlfriend will be working in Vienna for the most part of my vacation, so it really is that bad.
PPPPS: And she’ll have to endure the scorching heat in our apartment, which is really, really bad for her.
PPPPPS: I guess she’s already looking forward to the end of summer too.