Shopping spree

Today, after trying to go to a lecture, but not being able to enter the lecture hall, because only one third of the students waiting fit into it, my girlfriend and I went on a shopping spree. Well actually, I didn’t buy much, I only bought a notebook. It’s black, quite small and only cost 11 €. Now, this lengthy introduction serves the purpose of convincing you that I bought a notebook-computer for 11€, which would be rather cheap. But I didn’t buy a computer, I bought a classic notebook…see, I got you. No screen, no keyboard, no RAM and no everything that has to do with computers. Simply, a notebook. And because I like to make photos of things, here’s a photo.

my new
I don’t know yet what I’ll do with it, because I rarely ever use notebooks. I just thought it to be really cool, and I do buy on instinct. So let’s see how that evolves.

On another note…I’m now going to find a few blogs I like. The ever so helpful Ostracised from Österreich gave me a few hints. Keep checking back, maybe sometime today even your blog may be listed. (Unless you’re already on my blogroll, in that case you don’t need to check back, because…well, you’re already on it.)