Difficult decisions

Now that I’ve started to fully get involved with the whole blogging thing, involving the use of a real blogging script, buying webspace, spending hours on design (and still not fully liking it), all kinds of pings to all kinds of directories and whatnot, I’ve also tried to sift through the massive amount of blogs out there. And you know it, it is more than massive. Usually, that always ends after looking at two or three blogs, because I get distracted by a link, a comment or something else. I’m constantly on the lookout for blogs where posts of interest could use one of my comments. These ventures have resulted in the following insight:

there are just too many blogs

many blogs are defunct and not updated anymore

I’m not the only boring person out there

blogs are like people: there are not many I like

Now, I don’t know how most people with those endless blogrolls do it, but it’s really hard to find a blog which justifies being on my blogroll. Now I know, that does sound elitist, arrogant or whatever you may call it. But it’s true. I mean, I don’t normally go up to people I don’t care about much and ask them for their phone-number, let alone post their phone-numbers on my apartment-door, urging people to call them. I don’t know, maybe I’m just too misanthropic to be a good blogger. Well, I’m probably not good enough a writer either to be a good blogger, but that’s a totally different story. How do you people do it? How have you found your favourite blogs, not necessarily your real-life friends. Come on, tell me. I really want to have a longer blogroll.