Recurring fears

Oh why is it that I’m always afraid of upgrading my WordPress version? Well, I’ll tell you.

It’s because it always ends in something that’ll take me about three hours to repair and clean up. Don’t ask me why, but it just does. Either because it turns out that the newest version isn’t compatible with the version of the theme I’m using, or vice versa. Which is actually the same, but oh well.

I tried upgrading to WordPress 2.3 yesterday, but I did it to my other blog, you know, the one you barely read, which is about all that Web 2.0 stuff you really don’t care about. As a matter of fact, not a whole lot of people do, so I thought it to be a good test-bed. And sure as hell, I had to update my theme, and it turned out that there seems to be a CSS-files conflict between my old and the new CSS file now, so I’ve got a strange footer and my sidebar is once again somewhere it doesn’t belong.

I’d love to fix it, but that would mean comparing two CSS-files and checking everything that could be responsible, which, in my eyes, could really be just about everything.

So that’s why I won’t be updating this blog here, because, well, all that editing, uploading, installing, it just gets to me. Almost as much as my new favourite song Suburban Homeboy by the Sparks.