New far-right party in Austria

Well, now it’s official. Freedom party, notorious for being the most obnoxious party in the whole of the political landscape of Austria, has now been split into another movement, the BZÖ, which spelled out may be translated into something like “Coalition for the future of Austria”. Instead of creating yet another movement which feeds on the insecurities and xenophobia of parts of the population, they should make sure their members go back to school, take some fucking history, German and rhetoric lessons and then go and get a real job. What a bunch of wankers. Here’s the only English article on that subject I could find.

Update: Georg from Ostracised from Österreich has a much more balanced take on things. You might want to check that out.******

Update 2: And then there’s that piece as well. Party Split Wit. From Metroblogging Vienna.