Meat at Zum Wirt

I had some sort of late lunch, early dinner with my girlfriend at a place called “Zum Wirt” a couple of days ago. I opted, as I do most of the time, for an Altwiener Zwiebelrostbraten with roast potatoes. Zwiebelrostbraten is beef, simmered in some sort of broth, then adorned with loads of, ideally, crisp onions.

It wasn’t the best Zwiebelrostbraten ever, because the meat was rather far from tender, and quite fatty. But the potatoes were absolutely delicious, and soaking the crispy onions in the jus they provided was great fun too.

Oh, and another nice thing about the place: all tables are covered in white paper, colour felt pens are provided on each table as well. So while you’re waiting for your food to arrive, you can doodle ahead to your heart’s content! I took photos of our drawings, but there’s a time and place for everything, and this here isn’t the one. So you’ll have to make do with the picture of my food. Enjoy!