Krampus and 994 posts

Looking through my logs, I realized that some of the things I wrote on here many years ago still get quite some views. And sometimes it’s for the funnest of reasons. I wrote about a tinfoil-wrapped chocolate figure called “Krampus” eight years ago. I didn’t dare to hope back then that in 2015 a film about said Krampus would be released, prompting scores of people looking for more information on that little fella. But alas, here we are.

Looking through my  logs I also noticed that I wrote a whopping 994 posts on here (not including this one). In light of my rekindled love for this platform, I’ve decided to write the remaining five (after this one) to end the year on a high note. So, expect at least five more posts here (after this one) until the end of this year. Don’t expect them to be the pinnacles of my literary output (but don’t be surprised if they are, you never know).