King prawns or something

My older sister came down from Sweden yesterday as well, (“as well” meaning she came down to Austria’s western fringe, just as I did, not that I came down from Sweden, which I clearly didn’t, had you been a bit more attentive…tsk,tsk), and she brought the evening’s supper: King Prawns…or something like that. I’m not a marine biologist, nor am I a veterinarian (although I doubt veterinarians have many king prawn patients), so I can’t tell. And I’m a horrible listener sometimes, so I didn’t quite catch what exactly those animals are, and in addition to that, I’m extremely lazy, so I didn’t check back with my sister to ask for their exact specifications. But, I was able to make a photo of yesterday’s succulent dinner, which actually was spent breaking the outer shell of these beasts’ curled up tails and extracting the meat inside. Once again, terminology fails me, because I’m not sure if it’s really called “meat”. Well, it’s not beef and it’s not venison, so what can it be? Fishmeat? Anyways, here’s the photo:

king prawns - or something