Bus rides and other commodities

Bus and leopard skin hatThe train ride was fantastic as always. My bunkbed was highly comfortable, and I managed, only disturbed by my own body protesting against the coldness slowly creeping into the compartment, to sleep until 7 am. Which left an hour for grooming and breakfast (which once again included that gruesome coffee).
After meeting up with my parents, I then boarded the bus to take me home. Now, I’ve been on busses a lot. Everyday to and from school I had to endure those endless bus rides, and I never enjoyed them much. During my last year of school, I made a point of sleeping through every bus ride. That was on the one hand highly soothing for my always dead-tired body, on the other hand it was cause for a lot of amusement for my fellow riders, because I tend not to look too handsome when sleeping on a bus, if you get my drift. And I think you do, because barely anyone looks good in a pool of drool. I didn’t want to write that actually, but it sounds cool, so here you are.
Well, to get to the point: Today I liked the busride. Not least because of one impressive little occurance, where the busdriver managed to wedge the bus between a construction site and a huge truck, with only a few millimeters on every side remaining. It was a work of perfect precision, maybe even a work of art. I was in awe. During one of my earlier busrides, another bus somehow managed to back up into the bus I was riding in, resulting in a broken window and shards of glass showering my body. When the heroic busdriver today did his spiel with the wedging, I already wondered if maybe today I would again be the lucky receiver of a thousand little pieces of shimmering glass, but obviously, I wasn’t. Hail to the driver!
I made the picture after the feat, because I was so impressed. Please note the fashionable hat of the lady in front of me. Very nice.