In which I rave about two hymns

Descriptive titles! They are back, and are indeed the new black!

The advantage? No need for introductory paragraphs. The downside? I can’t stop raving about them. So, to be precise, the real title to this posting should be: “In which I rave about two hymns and descriptive titles”. Oh well.

Muse, an all-time favourite band (considered by some as glam-rock reborn, only with better quality of recordings and less humour) will be releasing their newest single “Knights of Cydonia” off of their album “Black holes and revelations” on the 27th of November. As hyperbole is not one of my stylistic-devices (I’d never use it in a thousand years), you can rest assured that the following statement is heartfelt, thus true: The song is pure genius. It sounds like three songs in one, and was probably thought up after a hard night of drinking, coupled with a few sugar-cubes laced with acid, but it’s still just one great adventure. Sure, the cynics among you will hear a few hundred influences of other bands which undoubtedly have done it all much better, but the the good thing is that you’re not writing this entry. I am, and cynicism is so last year. Not the new black at all.

Another great hymn released this year, a few weeks ago actually, is “Welcome to the Black Parade” off of “The Black Parade”, by Emo superstars and suicidal teenagers’ heroes My Chemical Romance. While the song sounds like an amalgamation of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and any other Blink 182 song, I still like it. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve actually listened to it repeatedly during the last few weeks.

Now, on to the point of this entry. I actually wanted to write some sort of comparison, mainly because I like to compare things. But unfortunately, I’m really too lazy to bother today. So, to sum up, here are links to the videos of both songs. Please note that the video to “Kings of Cydonia” is in fact a work of genius as well. The other video isn’t half bad either. It features, apart from the band, an actor with large ears:

Welcome to the Black Parade

Kings of Cydonia