How to get rid of old computer equipment in five easy steps

Due to the decadent affluence our society hails as “consumerism”, many things, sooner or later, tend to become superfluous. One of these things is my computer monitor, which, with the advent of a new toy replacing the old one, suddenly saw itself without a job. Old, heavy and not exactly in prime condition, nobody would want to take it upon them to give it something to do. After spending idle time next to it’s successor for a couple of months, my girlfriend now suggested to simply let the people decide whether it was still a worthy piece of equipment or not. And so we did.

Since I’m quite sure that I’m not the only one confronted with this most pressing of problems, I’ve devised this little five-step tutorial on how to get rid of your old computer equipment. Here goes:

Live in a neighborhood that adheres to the motto:”It’s on the street, it’s mine to take!”

Write a note:”Functional _______ (insert item description)! Free to take!”

Attach to item.

Take outside.

Wait. For a very short time.

It took about two hours for our monitor to be picked up. I deposited the monitor outside at 6:30 AM, and at around 8 AM it was gone.
I really don’t think there’s a more hassle-free way to get rid of your old computer equipment.

It may be possible to do this with other old things as well (Sombreros, cats), but don’t take my word for it.