Holiday diary - book review

Hey there, second week of my two week vacation has begun. The weather is perfect, I already got my first sun-burn, and I’ve switched to lazy mode. I’m oblivious to any horror-messages about malls on fire or gas-explosions, and I’m sure this will cause some of you to call me an insensitive prick. Power to you, because I sometimes am. You know, I have been wondering why, but probably it’s simply because I don’t have the nerve to be all sensitive about topics which don’t have any connection to myself. Throw in the obligatory brother or sister blowing up in a gas-explosion instead of a Belgian worker who didn’t know where not to drill a hole, and you’ve got me. But that won’t happen, so I can keep being a condescending ass.

And since we’re already talking about the state of humankind and its decrepit members like myself, this is what I just finished reading. It’s nothing like you’d except it to be, if judging from the blurb, and maybe it will put things into perspective for some people. Hmm, I guess that’s it. Not much of a book critic, am I?

Have a nice day, and don’t go shopping.