DBMA: London - The Hawksmoor

Being a diligent reader of this blog, you do remember the announcement published here a couple of weeks ago that I would be visiting London. Well, that visit came and went, and here I am now, with a couple of new experiences under my belt and in my belly.

Today, I will tell you about our visit to [The Hawksmoor](http://tupalo.com/en/london/the-hawksmoor "Restaurant in London: The Hawksmoor"), the place that since its inception has been heralded as the best steakhouse in London. Since I subscribe to hypes rather easily, I had to see whether that was true.
So off we went to Commercial Street (we, by the way, is my gracious sister who took me in for the weekend, and myself).
The interior, as opposed to what others have written, is actually very suave. Dark floors and dark wooden furniture contrast with the light that floods in from the windows. I think it does get a bit dark in back of the restaurant, but that in itself isn’t such a bad thing either. I just like to see what I’m eating, is all.
Well, here’s what we had. An 800g Porterhouse steak (for the two of us, obviously) with sides of chips and mashed potatoe with gravy. We ordered medium-rare, and yes, that’s exactly what we got. Take a look:
![](http://i1.wp.com/farm5.static.flickr.com/4004/4436577996_ebaa421377.jpg?resize=500%2C375 "Hwaksmoor")
Yes, that’s one big steak, but it was cooked to perfection. They seemed a tad hesitant on the seasoning side, but I guess that’s a personal taste (and taste buds that have been abused by years of smoking and drinking).
Now, the price. Hawksmoor is not a cheap place. It’s probably, by London’s standards, not an expensive place either. But it’ll cost you some money if you want to eat a good steak there, so if you’re not prepared to pay for something as extraordinary as this, then don’t go there (even though they have a lunch special with a burger and chips, which is quite reasonably priced).
All in all, I’m very glad I went there. The steak was spectacular and the service, contrary to what I’ve read somewhere else on the great Intarwebs, was friendly and quick.