Zum Reznicek or When eating blood is a good thing

I know, I know, it’s quite a headline, but what can I say? It’s actually about both of these things. First, there’s Zum Recnizek, a traditional Viennese restaurant deep inside the 9th district. Second, there’s their menu, which is small, but contains just the right things. You get your Schnitzel, your Zwiebelrostbraten and of course blood sausage (which is what you’re seeing above).

They are unlike any variations of blood sausage I’ve had before. The fact that they are battered allows the filling to be much juicier than these kinds of disks usually are. Cutting into one of these and seeing the bright red filling is something I’ll probably be dreaming of for the next couple of weeks. In a good way, that is.

The atmosphere I’d call Viennese-spartan: plated glass, light wooden ceilings and a waiter who at first glance seems to exude arrogance (which, usually, is in fact arrogance, but in that case it was probably just the knowledge that the place rocks).

They’re not exactly pricey, but for special dishes like the original Wiener Schnitzel off of a piece of calf, you’ll easily part with 18 of your hard-earned Euros. Just saying.

The waiter turned out to be very attentive and due to the rather early hour, the chef even found the time to leave his kitchen to enquire whether we enjoyed what he had prepared (we did).

If you’re in the business of showing strangers around the city, do them a favour and show them Zum Reznicek. They’ll like it. Oh, and if you’re afraid of cigarette smoke: they do have a large non-smoking area.