The IKEA-Zodiac connection revisited

Vivid readers of this weblog (and I know there are at least three…well, two), may remember a post about Neal Stephenson’s first novel “Zodiac” and its appearance in IKEA bookshelves. Here’s the link to that posting, in case you want to read it.
Well, today we made another trip to IKEA and this time I was prepared and brought my camera. So, while my girlfriend was marveling at beds and shelves I was busy shooting Zodiacs in the showroom. Here’s my most favourite Zodiac:

zodiac and chair

More photos after the jump (to make sure those dial-up users don’t get mad). But be sure to actually click it, because you’ll never see such an assortment of Swedish editions of “Zodiac” again in your life. I promise.

zodiac masses
Now that really is impressive. But, I sometimes wonder why, since they even go through the pain of importing Swedish editions of books into Austria, they don’t actually scatter them a bit better.

Zodiac the small collection
Another collection of the Zodiac. Smaller, but still quite neat.

zodiac fallen
Seems like the Zodiac has fallen. But I like the fact that it’s the one supporting the other books. That symbolism!

Zodiac again
Finally, a Zodiac without a cover. I wonder why anybody would strip that cover? Actually I do wonder why the hell I’m wasting my time wondering about pictures of books in IKEA showroom shelves.