Package thriller

In Austria, at least on my street, when there’s a package to deliver, it’s not delivered. Sure, if the package fits into the inbox they jam it in, making sure everything inside breaks or is at least bent out of shape. Otherwise they just leave a yellow slip, which tells you to pick up the package yourself. The catch is that it always says on the slip that you’re supposed to pick up the package at your local post office THE NEXT DAY. Sure, why not? I mean, the imbecile doesn’t know how to ring a bell or is too lazy to climb a flight of stairs, so why not make a trip to the post office to get the package a day later.

Today there were two yellow slips in the inbox, and half an hour ago I tried to pick up the packages, because sometimes before his lunch-break the delivery guy drops off the packages he was too lazy to deliver. Sure enough, the packages were NOT there. I aggressively complained to the guy at the counter:

Me: “Uhh, by the way, isn’t the delivery guy supposed to actually deliver a package?”
Guy: “Yeah.”
Me: “Why doesn’t he do it then?”
Guy: “Well, he should…..”
Me: “…”
Guy: “…”
Me: “So, will the packages be here in about two hours?”
Guy: “Yeah, they should.”

I’ll keep you updated.

Update:*** The packages were there. I picked them up. I made an angry face. Guy was not impressed. So it goes.