USA - Boxed intelligence

When I assembled those pictures for yesterday’s Plaza post, I forgot to include that one picture below. Actually, I didn’t forget, I rather omitted it on purpose, so I’d have another post-worthy subject. Now, don’t laugh, because it’s still me who decides what is post-worthy and what not. So SHUT UP, will you? No, I’m just kidding. Keep laughing.
Here’s the picture (It’s actually possible to click that picture so you can look at an even larger version…I’m such an attentive person):

Since I’ve become such an incessant picture-taker (I’d rather not use the word photographer, since any real photographer would seriously frown upon that), I’m always looking for some interesting motifs, and alas, that one is. I mean, how many damn paper-boxes can you put up before it looks silly? Well, exactly one. Try to spread out people. The Midwest is such a huge, vast area, why the hell would you want to cram together your paper-boxes like that? When I was over there I noticed churches which had parking-lots twice the size of Austria. So there’s enough space for any car ever built in the United States to park for worship on Sunday morning, but there’s not enough space for paper-boxes to be put up in a reasonable manner? And if you think I’m being unreasonable here, think again. Because I’m not.