GMail and Mail

Today when checking my mails on my GMail account, I noticed that the font was different, various things (like the star next to the “starred” folder) were out of place, and most importantly, I wasn’t able to open any mails. I quickly noticed that it probably was a Greasemonkey issue, so I started disabling various scripts (like the “Butler script” for the Google search engine, or the “Delete button” script for GMail…which by the way can all be found here.). Well, all to no avail, so I disabled Greasemonkey completely. Then of course it worked. That was strange, because I’d been using Greasemonkey for a while now, and it never posed a problem. So I did a bit of searching, and noticed that the subdomain for GMail isn’t anymore, but when logged in, it’s “”. Which is probably why all that havoc was wreaked. After changing all references in the respective scripts to “mail” instead of “gmail” everything worked fine again.

Now, this may not be much of a deal, but I really wonder why Google has decided to suddenly remove every reference to “gmail” when logged in. Are there still any pending lawsuits to be fought out? Is it possible we GMail users will soon be “Google Mail” users?