The Martini Chronicles Pt.7 - My own creation

And in rapid succession, here comes the latest installment of the Martini Chronicles. On a whim, I decided yesterday to create a 50-50 Martini, but with a twist. A Vodka twist! That’s right, I made a Vodka Martini, with three parts Vodka and three parts dry Vermouth.

Glasses of course were chilled to perfection, and the lemon wedge was big. I think I like the Vodka Martini more and more, but always with the caveat that it isn’t of course a real Martini.

Nevertheless, I’ll try to fill up a small bottle of Vermouth tonight, so that I may be able to have a Vodka Martini at the Tupalo bash (which, according to the invitation, is sponsored by Absolut Vodka). I do hope they have lemons too.