The Martini Chronicles Pt.12 - Dusty

Equipped with Bombay Gin, Noillit Noilly Prat (edit: did I actually misspell that? I’m such a chump!) and a solid Single Malt, I yesterday added another chapter to my glorious Martini Chronicles. Have a look:

The Martini Chronicles Pt.12

What you see is a variant of the Dusty Martini. While the original Dusty substitutes Vermouth with Scotch, I added the Scotch after mixing a 2:1 Dry Martini. The effect was a Martini that had lost most of its bitter edge and instead had most of the sweet Scotch flavour.

It’s definitely a good Martini variant, even though it doesn’t resemble the original Martini Dry a whole lot. Which, in the end, is not really a problem, because all I and probably everyone else wants, is a damn good drink.