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Jun 1, 2008

25 seconds of hail

Living directly under the roof has its perks. Like knowing when it’s time get up, which would be the time the pigeons start sliding down your windows and are making a whole

Mar 9, 2006

When will it ever stop?

It is the second week of March, and it is quite possibly the advent of another ice age. Say goodbye to life as you know it, and say hello to death by freezing.

Mar 5, 2006

Snow in March

So it’s finally March, the month where spring lovers rejoice over rays of sunlight breaking the heavy clouds of winter. Not. It’s March, the month where it’s just as snowy

Nov 27, 2005

Plant chronicles Pt. V

Remember this? Or this? Or maybe this? This even? Well, take a look at that: Thanks to Catharina for the inspiration to produce yet another one of my ever so popular plant chronicles.