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Aug 30, 2006

BookMooch - Swapping books made easy

Update: LibraryThing mastermind Tim has finished integrating BookMooch (and a few other book-swapping sites) into LibraryThing. Yay! Finally I can try to put my Java book to good use! Read the announcement on

Jun 8, 2006

LibraryThing mobile

Well, since everyone and their Grandma are pushing towards content on mobile phones, it doesn’t exactly come as a surprise that LibraryThing, everybody’s favourite online library and cataloguing service, can now

Apr 12, 2006

LibraryThing in realtime

Check out this page where you can see the books being added to LibraryThing, greatest online library service on the web (where else, right?), in realtime. As Tim Spalding puts it in his

Feb 27, 2006

I'm visible

In 1984, Orwell elaborately worked on the notion that in the future an entity comparable to a government would be in total control of people, in the course of which luxuries like privacy

Jan 23, 2006

LibraryThing update

Good news. I’ve been sponsored with a one-year account for LibraryThing, so now I can start to test this service to my heart’s content. First off, here’s my collection of

Jan 22, 2006

Bibliophil and LibraryThing

I stumbled across two sites yesterday which do exactly what I have been looking for for a long time: they let you enter the books you own into a database. Don’t ask