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Mar 10, 2006

Diigo revisited

I wrote about Diigo, the social annotation and bookmarking service, a while ago. Back then I was already quite taken with the service, and today I’m even more so. Why’s that?

Feb 9, 2006


I just got my invitation (I’ll quit writing about “invites”, it just isn’t a noun) to a beta account for Ma.gnolia. What does Ma.gnolia do? Well, it of course

Jan 8, 2006

Bookmark with all

After reading about (and setting up accounts in) various new and old social and asocial bookmarking services, I’ve now reached the point where I need some new service which will allow me

Oct 21, 2005

"Birds of a feather...

flock together.” As you may have guessed from my rather slick introduction, I just discovered Flock, the newest in cool Firefox-altered technology. It’s basically a slick, modded, Web 2.0 compatible version