Bookmark with all

After reading about (and setting up accounts in) various new and old social and asocial bookmarking services, I’ve now reached the point where I need some new service which will allow me to bookmark sites in all of the services simultaneously. Right now all these services are more or less the same, but I’m expecting that sometime sooner or later one or two of them will take off. When that happens, I want my bookmarks snug in these services.

The Diigo people obviously know about that dilemma, because they’ve already added the option of bookmarking sites in as well. But I need more! I want a bookmarklet which will simultaneously add a site to Blinklist, Furl, Delicious, Simpy and Shadows. And on request to Looklater, in case I want that bookmark to be asocial. In addition to simply adding it, the bookmarklet should be able to add the tags correctly to each respective service and, where possible, add highlighted text as a description.