Software patents - No!

I just remembered that yesterday the European parliament had to decide on the fate of a directive regarding the patentability of software, and by checking the appropriate website, I read that once again the directive has been axed. I’m really happy about that, since I was already pondering what operating system I would adopt once Linux would have been broken by the directive. I’m glad I won’t have to switch to the Mac OS just yet.

By the way: it may well be that postings from now on will be riddled with errors, logical inconsistencies (even more than now) and inane babble. This is due to me starting work at 7 AM, which means that at night, when I’ve got time to write my entries, I’m already dead-tired and most probably without any real clue what to write about. And yes, it’s very difficult to come up with interesting things to write if you’re not able to check your aggregator every half hour.

PS: Damn, I can’t believe how much of a crybaby I am. It’s just work, fool! Loosen up!