So it's that time of the year again

To start off this rather aimless posting, here’s a photo for you to enjoy:

that time of the year again

That picture’s two years old, but since I haven’t taken any interesting snow photos lately, that one has to do.
Now, on to a little round.up of what’s been going on lately:

  • I’ve successfully completed my sixth day of being a runner. I’ve actually been sportive six days in a row, which is more than ever before in my whole life. Considering that during the last few months I’ve quit smoking and picked up regular exercise, I guess it’s safe to assume that my reputation is now tarnished beyond repair.
  • Christmas in less than a week. That’s why I’ll be leaving Vienna for The Family tomorrow. Expect loads of interesting tales about Christmas traditions and pictures of stuffed dead birds (just like last year).
  • Well, that’s it, really, but lists consisting of only two items are pathetic.