Sharks again

What should I say? I was right. There was the obligatory almost-romp scene, where the monster attacks and kills both. There was a definite tits and ass scene, there were horrible actors, there were sequences taken from every ‘Jaws’ part, but of course, there was also the 20 meter monster, made of plastic and about 133Mhz pure Pentium power (please note my elegant use of alliteration).

What is Jorgo going to confront us with next? A German TV version of ‘Arachnophobia’, with 30 meter spiders eating the Bundestag in Berlin? Or a German TV version of ‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!’, only set in Vienna, with the tomatoes actually being 20 meter Mozartkugeln, which flatten the whole city while singing arias from ‘Don Giovanni’ ?