Lost supper

Lost supper...or a trap? I went to return some videos yesterday, and on my way, I noticed these bags. It’s funny what people leave behind. The right bag looks like its filled with bread, the left one looks like its filled with slices of Pizza, where the topping has been eaten off. What the…? I’m sure this would make for another great German TV movie, which would go something like this:

Rats the size of SUVs have started eating their way through the city of Vienna. More and more innocent people are torn apart by their sharp rat-teeth until a once famous vermin-hunter, whose wife was bitten to death by an armada of surf-mice (surf-mice are a specialty of the Carribean…they dwell in little caves and use peculiar crustaceans as their surf-boards…just in case you didn’t know), finally takes pity on the people of Vienna and starts hunting down the mice. He devises those incredibly cunning traps, which consist of white plastic-bags filled with bread and pizza-slices, laced with industrial strength rat-poison. But of course, larger rats have larger brains, so they are much more cunning than your ordinary rat. They let little stray dogs lick off the toppings of the pizza, and alas, the dogs die. The rats are furious and now hunt down the vermin-hunter.
In a spectacular showdown featuring lots of tits and ass, bloody arm-stumps and miles and miles of guts, the vermin-hunter and the SUV-rats meet for the final fight. Of course the vermin-fighter wins, but not without losing his eye-sight and one leg. He is still voted the most beautiful man on earth, because inner values, like unbelievable hate for rats, are much more important than good looks.

Yeah, that would make a great movie.