SF day 4 and obnoxious people

I don’t know whether it’s my being bereft of enough nicotine to calm me down or the fact that I’m drinking at least twice as much coffee than usual to make up for the lack of nicotine (yes, nicotine is an upper and a downer, proof here), but I really tend to feel a lot more irritated, especially by people. PEOPLE!

An example: People who use their mobile phones as mp3-players. Which would be fine, if only those people used earphones. But no, they make everyone listen to their crappy dance tunes, because apparently earphones just aren’t something idiots use! It’s then that I wish I was that naive bystander, the one who’d be flabbergasted by the fact that someone would let their phone ring for one goddamn eternity:
“Dude, why don’t you just answer your fucking phone? What is wrong with you? ANSWER THAT FUCKING PHONE!”

That’s what I’d like to say, but unfortunately I do know that it’s just people who don’t have any tact, and who think that everyone’s just fucking delighted to be listening to their crappy dance tune and who would probably be inclined to punch me in the face if I uttered sentences like the one above. Which I think is a perfectly fine reason to just ignore those idiots and then type up little, vitriolic rants.