Flickr, my and just about everyone’s favourite image hosting, sharing and show-off site, has just been enhanced by a really interesting little product. The name: Photophlow.

So what does it do? Well, glad you asked. Basically it’s a gathering point for Flickr users to look at and discuss photos. Well, that’s it basically. And specifically, it does the following: Gives you the ability of creating rooms, yes, that’s “rooms” as in “chatrooms”, where you can have real time chats with other users about images displayed in the room.

You can post images to the rooms so quickly and easily, it’s baffling. Certain words written in the rooms are turned into links, clicking them brings up a Flickr search for the term. You can then show images to the room, add comments to the images (which will show up on the Flickr site and inside the room) or just hang out and chat.

Integration with Twitter and Tumblr are there, showing that the Photophlow creators really are “with it”, if you know what I mean. Unless of course “with it” is a term used only in the 80s. In which case the creators are “hip”. Unless of course that’s only used by very old people in connection with broken ones. Oh well, you get the idea.

The service is still invitation only, but since I don’t have any friends, I’ve got three to spare. Leave a nice comment, and ye shall receive.

And here are the screens (click for full size, o’course):
The Anteroom